Wedding Photography Miami


You have hundreds of wedding plans to make.  Deciding on who will bring your memories to life is one of the most important decisions you will make. The the excitement and flurry of your wedding day is finally over, your wedding photographs will be the one thing that will help you remember all of the fun, romance and emotions that happend that magical day .

We will capture consistent, quality images throughout your wedding day.  Everything from you getting ready, the details of your dress and your bridesmaids, the important nuances of your ceremony, the details of your reception decor and all of the fun that you, your family and friends had that night.  You can be assured that the quality you expect shines through in every shot.

We are experienced in dealing with many different lighting environments and situations.  We are committed to professional and timely response to your needs before and after the big day and all assurances the every special moment will be flawlessly captured.

We shoot weddings in all of South Florida and we specialize in Miami Wedding Photography, having shot at many local venues over the years. Places such as VizcayaHilton BentleyFour Seasons MiamiFisher Island ClubThe Palms Miami and many, many more!

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For your wedding photography Miami, give us a call at our Studio to discuss your dream wedding – 954-351-8884!