Vizcaya Wedding Photographer


As a Vizcaya wedding photographer, we absolutely love shooting at this historical place with it’s lush gardens, and beautiful architecture there is an over abundance of places to shoot the perfect wedding portraits.

Your wedding day is a beautiful celebration of your commitment to each other. We’re here to creatively capture those memories, to help you, your family and friends remember every moment and every detail that happens on your special day that will help define the rest of your lives together.

We believe wedding photography is an art, add to that our very competent technical abilities and you will walk away with amazing images that you will cherish a lifetime. Our shooting style is quietly unobtrusive and our images naturally reveal the love and emotions of your special day.

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To book your Vizcaya Wedding Photographer, call Adept Wedding Photography at 954-351-8884 or toll free at 800-816-2693 today!