Bridal Boudoir Photography Fort Lauderdale


As a wedding gift, bridal boudoir photography Fort Lauderdale is growing in popularity. Beautiful, alluring, fun, dramatic, sexy and sensual images of yourself, that’s the goal of your bridal boudoir photography session.  This gift will make him stop and reflect at just how lucky he is to have met you, there aren’t many other gifts that have the ability to do that.

Do you need the perfect body for bridal boudoir photography? The answer is a resounding “NO”. You don’t need “the perfect body” to look stunning in your pictures.  The idea is to look sexy and alluring.  As photographers, it is our job to accentuate your best features, help build your confidence, make you feel beautiful, pose you in the most beautiful light possible.  Chances are your guy already loves you the way you are right now, so don’t put off booking your bridal boudoir photography Fort Lauderdale session now. When combined with creative retouching and air brushing, you are assured of looking your best.

It’s your photo shoot, you are in control. We can shoot for demure, romantic, risqué from implied nude to nudity, whatever you feel suits you. You can dress up in whatever you feel most comfortable in, from your fiancé’s favorite shirt or football jersey, lingerie to being draped in luscious fabrics to create the illusion of nudity.

And when you present your bridal boudoir images to your groom, husband, or boyfriend, we promise he will be stunned and thrilled.  So many women were so happy with the results that they have come back to shoot with us again

Of course presentation is everything.  Sure, sexy images on your computer monitor are nice, but the best gift of all is a beautifully bound custom designed photo book or album.

Call us today toll free at (800) 816-2693 or at (954) 351-8884 to book your bridal boudoir photography Fort Lauderdale.