Wedding Party Photography

 WEDDING PARTY PHOTOGRAPHY You’ve gathered all of your best friends and family members to be part of your wedding day, everyone is looking their finest and having fun celebrating with the two of you!  Your Bridesmaids and Groomsmen will be so grateful to get the wedding party photography images to remember this momenteous occasion! We will make sure […]

Wedding Ceremony Photography Fort Lauderdale

WEDDING CEREMONY PHOTOGRAPHY FORT LAUDERDALE Your wedding ceremony is one of the most important aspects of your wedding day and you want to make sure that all of the love and emotions show through in your wedding ceremony photographs. For us as photographers the wedding ceremony is the most stressful aspect in all of wedding […]

Our Attention to Detail

WEDDING DETAIL PHOTOGRAPHY FORT LAUDERDALE The dress. The rings. The cake, The boquet. These and all the other visual details of your wedding, are small but oh-so-meaningful expressions of all that is unique about you. At Adept Wedding Photography, we know how much time and thought you have put into every detail of your wedding […]

Photojournalistic wedding photography Ft Lauderdale

Photojournalistic Wedding Photography Ft Lauderdale

PHOTOJOURNALISTIC WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY FT LAUDERDALE The term photojournalistic wedding photography refers to the style whereby we, the wedding photographer, operate similar to a photojournalist, behaving as an unobtrusive observer, capturing the moments spontaneously as they happen, but not influencing the action. And while photojournalistic wedding photography has become very popular over the years, the majority […]