Photojournalistic Wedding Photography Ft Lauderdale


The term photojournalistic wedding photography refers to the style whereby we, the wedding photographer, operate similar to a photojournalist, behaving as an unobtrusive observer, capturing the moments spontaneously as they happen, but not influencing the action. We shoot photojournalistic wedding photography in Ft Lauderdale on a regular basis as well as shooting fun, creative and traditional.

And while photojournalistic wedding photography has become very popular over the years, the majority of brides and grooms still do request that we take a combination of formal traditional wedding photography as well as the spontaneous photojournalistic style images.

Photojournalistic wedding photography is so much more than just snapping pictures. It is about capturing moments with elegance so as to tell a story. It is about artistic composition, using available lighting, and it is especially about being ever vigilant to ensure the perfect timing. Our photojournalistic images adorn the walls of many fine homes in South Florida.

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photojournalistic wedding photography ft lauderdale

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